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By marco.bernardini
Hi all,
this is my first post on this forum.
I’ve a question regarding the “Artemis Global Tracker” (
In the past I used Iridium Modem with two kind of protocols: connection mode (Rudics) and message based.
If I understood correctly the Artemis Global Tracker is configured to work with the RockBLOCK provider and it’s message based. I need to send a block of data that can be 8Kbytes.Do you know if it can be used with other provider that support connected mode?
With connected mode I mean that the Modem make a call to another modem to establish a TCP connection.
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By PaulZC
Hello @marco.bernardini,

The Artemis Global Tracker uses the Iridium 9603N modem which is only capable of Short Burst Data (SBD) transfers. It is not like the other Iridium modems which support connected mode. You would need to divide your 8K of data into 340 byte chunks and transfer them one at a time.

Best wishes,
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By PaulZC

If you want to transfer all 8K bytes to another modem, you are actually limited to 270 bytes per message. The limits for SBD transfers are 270 bytes received, 340 bytes transmitted.

Best wishes,
I'm getting conflicting advice on whether the Artemis on the AGT could be used for all of the IoT processing
Some are saying it can't handle external IO, while others are saying an external Nano could process the
IO and/or modbus RTU vis rs485 comms

Ideally the resultant system would have the capability of:
2 or 3 analog IN
2 or 3 Digital IN
1 (high speed) Digital counter input for measuring period / frequency
1 or 2 Digital OUT
If not too hard: RS485 for retrieving device data via Modbus RTU
If the AGT WRL-18712 can handle a chunk of that and maybe use a Uno or Nano for additional IO

Could the AGT use an MKR rs485 shield ?
I assume that the native serial channels are already busy with GPS and Sat

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