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By damiend
I just discovered the MicroMod standard and really like the idea of a compact, standardised, high pin-count connector system for SPI + accessory ports (I2C/GPIO) etc. The flat form factor is also really good for my application, as it would allow SMD sensors to be mounted almost flush with the top surface.

But what I need is actually the reverse of MicroMod:
- a standard carrier base with USB, uC (Teensy) and SD slot (the bits I always need, these will last me years before they become obsolete)
- daughter boards with sensor systems (the bits I'm updating most often and need to swap out between projects)

Could the existing MicroMod standard be extended or repurposed to support this? Would this require a different keying for safety on IO pins that have a specified direction?
I'm also imagining a tiny base board that carries the SD socket, USB port and power regulators, with a M2 port for the uC on one side and another M2 port for the sensors on the other side.

(On a side note: any relation to the apparently defunct standard?)
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By TS-Chris
I don't see SparkFun rolling something like this out but you're free to modify our design and add a second M.2 slot for external sensors. :-)

Since you plan on having two different functions for the same type of slot, it might be best to have slots with different keys so that you don't get them mixed up but if you do your pins right you could potentially set things up so that you can use the same slot for both functions and it wouldn't matter if it was a sensor board or a uC you were plugging in.
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By damiend
Yes, it sounds like the main worry would be accidentally connecting two controller boards and shorting their output pins together.

I do think a standard like Qwiic, but for SPI/I2C/GPIO would be a great product line though!
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