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By fawkes
Really, I have recaptcha blocked because of the privacy invasion (it sucks down your ip, browser info, and mouse biometrics, and sends it all back to google), but even ignoring that, it makes the site way too hard to use (spend 5 minutes guessing street signs in order to log in). Since my usual reason for logging in is to buy stuff, it's costing Sparkfun money as well.

I urge doing whatever you can to get rid of the recaptcha. If you're getting hit by password guessing bots, maybe you can supply unguessable passwords to users instead. Everyone uses password managers now anyway.
By fawkes
Your point being? Just because I let Sparkfun log my info doesn't mean I want Google to log my info. Also Sparkfun as far as I've noticed only logs page views. not mouse movements. And recaptcha makes the site unusable with or without logging.