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General suggestions or questions about the SparkFun Electronics website
By Sheepdog
When we browse the Sparkfun products, at the bottom of each's page, there are comments and reviews.

I have no problem leaving a comment, but I haven't figured out how to leave a review. Hints, please?
By Sheepdog
What people above have said makes sense... trouble is, I HAVE bought the product, well before trying to review it, AND was logged in on the account used to buy it.

And I have written many complimentary things about their products over the years....

... for instance. One less chore to spend time on, I guess!

It does raise the question, though, of where the "reviews" we DO see come from....

Oh well.
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By phalanx
I should clarify that it only lets me review items that I've bought since they've updated their backend to keep track of an account's purchase history.

I don't think there is anything suspicious about the origin of reviews. I'm guessing most people don't realize there is a review tab in addition to comments. I had no idea until you posted this question which made me go look more carefully.