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General suggestions or questions about the SparkFun Electronics website
By davbeck
Does sparkfun have any kind of affiliate or referral program?
By ellisgl
I was wondering the same thing.
By ryowens84
Sorry, I'm not sure what you're asking.
By davbeck
A lot of stores have an affiliate program where you can earn a percentage of what someone buys when they go to the store site from an affiliate link.

It's kind of like referrals, but geared more towards advertisers. See Amazon's affiliate program.
By ryowens84
Interesting. We don't have one but I'll pass the recommendation on to our marketing department. We're always looking for ways to better market ourselves.
By volare
I would also like to participate in a SparkFun affiliate program. (If you create one, please reply to this thread so we get a notification!)
By takaitra
I'm plugging SparkFun on my blog for an electronics project I'm working on. The post includes links to SparkFun products so I would also be very interested in an affiliate program.
By chris.troutner
I'd also love to promote Sparkfun products on my site. I just signed up for the Jameco affiliate program and I plan to write a post on my website,, about how to build your own low voltage disconnect using their products. I'd love to write similar blog articles featuring Sparkfun products.
By lyndon

I was just thinking of this today, so I came here and searched for "affiliate." I happily recommend a lot of sf products to people who are wondering what to buy to do a project. I'd probably put more work into researching the best product for them if there was a way I could list the items through a referral link. I don't mind volunteering for free: it's fun. But everything's more fun when you get cash for doing it ;-)
By timelyirony
Any updates on this? I've created several projects using SparkFun products and currently direct my website' users to Adafruit's and SparkFun's homepages for proprietary supplies, but it would be nice to link to the product page directly and get a small kickback from Sparkfun for the referral. As an amazon affiliate, I frequently direct people to Amazon for generic products and tools, but I'd rather support Sparkfun.
By CS Paul
Thanks for the bump, but no new info. It hasn't come up in planning discussions for a while. I'll ask around to see what's possible.
By Conjada
I'd also be very interested in participating in an affiliate program, if you decide to do it!
By kasbah
I'd also be interested to add Sparkfun to the retailers I link to from I don't take advantage of any affiliate networks yet but am starting to look into it.