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General suggestions or questions about the SparkFun Electronics website
By bishopellison
Every time I log on the search box fills with "rfduino" and then searches and displays findings for rfduino. I can erase the contents of the search box but it immediately refills with "rfduino" and executes the search.

This is only happening on your website and only when using Firefox. At first I thought I had a cookie or registry problem. I've spent hours looking at cookies and registry entries. No joy!

Since you know more about how your website works than I do, I thought you might have heard of this before or point me the right direction (ANY direction will do right now.)

Many thanks for any help you can give. At least thanks for your time if you are drawing as big a blank as I am,

Bishop Ellison
By CaseyD-SFE
Hello Bishop,

That's where it's coming from! From what I understand you can go into the program to "Edit Site Fields" and remove any terms that it has stored from our site.

Hope this helps! :)

By bishopellison

You were absolutely correct. I wouldn't have found that in a hundred years. Anyway, that fixed it and now I can use the Sparkfun site with a smile on my face and a song in my heart.

Many, many, many thanks!