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By Phedg1
I'm looking at proximity sensors under $35. They all have varying ranges but what I was wanting to know was what is the angle of sensitivity and whether that angle is in the form of an arc or a cone? (I'm trying to find the thinnest one)
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By Ross Robotics
So do you have a question regarding Sparkfun's website? That's the forum you're in..
By Mee_n_Mac
The grid size is reported to be 30 cm (just under 1 foot = 30.5 cm) at the top if each graph, so each block is 30 cm wide by 30 cm tall (or about 1' x 1'). Some more comparisons can be found below along with a more conventional beam pattern (in degrees) for the transducer used in, apparently, all the sonars. I guess the BW of each sonar must be shaped by some external means to get the differing BW's for each product ?? ... tterns.pdf

More results if you Google "maxbotix beam pattern grid size".