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Hello everybody,

I want to interface a 3 axis digital gyroscope ITG-32OO through i2c bus to a cyclone fpga kit(EP1C12Q240C8). But this kit does not contain nios ii processor so whether is it possible to interface the gyro through i2c bus with cyclone or not.Is there any other option except nios ii processor which contains i2c controller??
Please help me if anyone knows.Thanh you
By fll-freak
It is of course possible to interface, but you will have to either find an I2C VHDL implementation or write it yourself. I assume you wish to initialize the chip, then read the gyro values, integrate them, and make then available via another communication channel to another device? Or perhaps rather than communicating the data, use it directly for some control system?

If you are able to write the VHDL for the integration, and communication/control, I would think you have the skills to write a simple I2C interface. Many people using micros that do not have an I2C peripheral will bit bang an I2C interface. You can do the bit bang approach on your FPGA.
I have studied "i2c bit banging" but i can not make a clear idea about it.If you kindly send me some link or give any example where bit banging method have been used then i can proceed.

Thank you.