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Open source ARM Debugger
By rfindley
Thanks for the update. I realized I had ordered mine just before a holiday weekend. In the U.S. we don't get holidays on Friday/Monday around Easter, but they do in Switzerland. I received mine 1wk later (I had purchased a fast shipping option), but I didn't know if it had shipped until it arrived.
By bernardbig
I have the same problem, ordered my JTAG interface end of last year, never recived anything, did not get any answer by phone or email !
By skier386
Has anyone been able to successfully order from Amontec recently?
A friend of mine ordered an item in September got no response. I placed an order more recently with no response so far. No reply to emails and voicemail box is full.
By titiglouglou
Have you received your probe?
I can not reach Amontec either, it seems he is gone or too busy to continue his business.
I bought several probe, and I hate the idea to change to a new one.
Using openOCD, what would be the best alternative?
Advices or information welcome!