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By quintanp
I've seen a few posts specific to the Artemis black board but nothing specific to the Artemis Thing Plus.

At idle see about 5mA of current draw from the Thing Plus.

When I load Example3_WDT_LowPower.ino using Arduino IDE 2.2.1 - I don't see any change in current draw. Still 5mA.
Is there a specific configuration for the Artemis Thing Plus board I should be setting?

Thanks in advance.
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By quintanp
Thank you for the quick observation Paul.

I removed the resistor to disable the red power LED.

Now just as you expected the DeepSleep mode measures 110uA.
This still isn't close to the 2uA the LowPower example expects but I see this is working.

Thanks for taking the time to point out my obvious error!

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