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By plaid
Hi all,

After a little bit of unfruitful research on my own maybe the community here could help me out with a few questions regarding the OLA (SparkFun OpenLog Artemis).

I'm in the need to log three different RS232 sources and can't figure out how to expand the OLA to do this. My first thought was that there should be a Qwiic board available that converts UART/RS232 to i2c that could then be logged by the OLA. The Qwiic OpenLog at first glance looked like an option (ignoring it's own logging capabilities) but that only seems to log i2c devices if I'm not wrong?

So, my question is, can I somehow expand the logging capabilities of the SparkFun OpenLog Artemis from one serial port to three in an easy way?

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By PaulZC
Hi Plaid,

Sorry, there is no easy way to do that - on OLA.

I'd recommend using a different board that supports multiple hardware UARTs, and write your own code to log the data from each port to SD card. You need to decide whether to log each port to a separate log file, or whether to 'multiplex' the data into a single file in some way.

I hope this helps,
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