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By exor674
Trying to use the expLoRaBLE with a Things Network Indoor Gateway (if relevant), using the example code from ... an-example.

I am able to see the data my expLoRaBLE is sending on the Things Network console, but am not able to send data back to the device.

As far as I can tell, the device is just immediately giving up during the RX windows:
Code: Select all
00:04:00.393: engineUpdate[opmode=0x888]
00:04:00.397: TX[mod=LoRa,sf=7,bw=125,cr=4/5,nocrc=0,ih=0,fcnt=12,freq=905.3,pow=21,len=17]: ...REDACTED...
Packet queued
15029275: EV_TXDONE
00:04:00.470: engineUpdate[opmode=0x888]
00:04:01.462: RX_MODE[mod=LoRa,sf=7,bw=500,cr=4/5,nocrc=1,ih=0,freq=927.5,rxtime=15091703]
00:04:01.476: WARNING: rxtime is 546 ticks in the past! (ramp-up time 5 ms / 368 ticks)
00:04:01.485: RX: TIMEOUT
00:04:02.466: RX_MODE[mod=LoRa,sf=12,bw=500,cr=4/5,nocrc=1,ih=0,freq=923.3,rxtime=15154451]
00:04:02.480: WARNING: rxtime is 548 ticks in the past! (ramp-up time 5 ms / 365 ticks)
00:04:02.537: RX: TIMEOUT
15267436: EV_TXCOMPLETE (includes waiting for RX windows)
I'd imagine that warning is why RX isn't working. I do see the commented-out "LMIC_setClockError" in the example, but neither that nor MAX_CLOCK_ERROR seem to exist.

Any pointers in getting this to work?

I'd also like to get OTAA working, but I can't figure out how to restrict the OTAA to only The Things Network subband (and also RX isn't working, so I can't activate).


In case it is for some reason relevant, I am using for the antenna.
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By jmjo
I had the same problem. I changed the RX_RAMPUP in oslmic.h value and got rid of the warning.
From 5000 went to 15000. Did not work any better but the warning is gone.
Maybe someone could answer if this is reasonable to change the value?!.
The problem with ExpLoraBle is the follow-up. Nobody answer to any of your questions and not only the functionning is worse quality as bad reception and transmission and not too much info.
Using other products with far much better success and quality.
Too bad it sounded to be a nice solution...
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