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By ZeusX

Anyone know how I can see the serial console over bluetooth? From my laptop of iPhone

Please share any code or link...

Thanks in advance!
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By KansasBot
Are you asking about displaying messages received over Bluetooth from a separate device? If so you can process the incoming BLE message and then display it using Serial commands.
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By ZeusX
Thanks for your answer.

No, I want to connect the serial console over BT instead of connect serial cable TX-RX.

I try to debug the Artemis over BT because I cant connect any serial cable to the BOX...

There is any option to do that ?

Thanks in advanced.
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By liquid.soulder
There is no BT SPP profile in BLE as there was in classic BT. So it probably won't work exactly the way that you are expecting. However what you can do is create a custom service with TX and RX characteristics. These can act like endpoints for sending and receiving data one byte at a time much like wired Serial. It is easier than ever to write BLE apps on phones, computers, etc... try looking at the WebBluetooth API
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By ZeusX
Thanks for your answer!

Do you know where I can find code that send over BT the serial output so I can see it on my Mac?
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By liquid.soulder
We don't have any good examples of that right now but keep your eyes out over the next month - big things coming
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