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Questions relating to designing PCBs
By RonnyM
I need to remove an RF module from a PC board. The module is 1.2" square and soldered on all four sides I can't afford to destroy it, any ideas for removal?
By Andrew02E
How is the module mounted? Surface mount leads? Through-hole pins? Castellated edged?
By RonnyM
It has SMT solder pads like the ET-301/312 sold on the Sparkfun site.
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By leon_heller
Using ChipQuik might be the best way; Google for their web site.

By Andrew02E
If you have a hot-air rework station you may be able to remove it with that. Put the board in a clamp or something to hold it while you heat up the edges of the module, and once all the solder joints are up to temperature, pull the module off. Just make sure you don't desolder any parts around on the module (if it's not shielded). Hopefully that helps.