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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By pbair
I'm interested in combining a GPS logger (e.g. GPS Logger v2.4) and an RFID Reader (e.g. the ID-12) into one compact, mobile unit.

Turn the unit on and let it log the GPS position, but also log any RFID Tag IDs I subject it to along the way.

I'd also prefer to have the ability to access/download the logged data via USB connection in lieu of having to physically remove a memory card from the unit.

Is this a project within the realm of possibility for a bold tinkerer with practically no experience with electronic circuits?

Can this unit be "easily" assembled using the components from Sparkfun?

What other parts/components might be needed in addition to the GPS Logger and the RFID Reader?

What might be the most challenging aspect of this project?


By mg
Assuming your intended usage is viable (e.g. proximity of RFID tags, etc).

I think the electronics are pretty easy: the ID-12 has a standard 5v RS232c compat signal which you could tie into the GPS Logger. You'd really only need some small breadboard and a connector (e.g. edge or 9pin d serial) for the GPS Logger and some glue components.

Likely the complexity is in the software: you'll need to deploy new firmware to the GPS Logger that configures and receives RFID data from the ID-12 and combines it in the log as written to the card. This is achievable, but at the edge of the envelope, for an inexperienced embedded programmer.

In addition, if you want USB retrieval of data, you'll need to add physical USB interface (somehow) and code to do same (e.g. file transfer). This is more complex and I think not worth the effort if you're doing it just for your own convenience (as opposed to doing it to build a viable product).
By pbair
Your help is much appreciated. Thanks.

Regarding the USB interface, could an SD/USB memory card like this one... used with the GPS logger?

If the SD/USB card is seated in the GPS logger AND connected via usb extension cable to a computer at the same time will the power supplied from the computer's usb port damage the GPS logger? If so, is there an easy way to prevent this?