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By navmonkey
Hi sparky and nav enthusiasts,

I am wondering if it is possible to retrieve raw measurements
(pseudorange, carrier phase, Doppler, etc.) from the Lassen IQ
GPS receiver module.

The TSIP packet ID of the raw measurements is 0x6F. I know
it is supported by its big brother ACE II, but nothing is mentioned
in the SQ manual.

Any idea?
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By sparky
Dah - not a clue. Let me know more of what you are looking for... The true iQ datasheet is not due out for another month or two (who does that? :evil:), but I can ask my Trimble tech.

I've been tinkering with the iQ for a week or two - very cool little device. But I only use the windows app and raw NMEA dumps to get longitude and latitude into my PIC data logger.

By navmonkey
Well, I want to get some raw measurements and post-process them
just for fun. Taking differential measurements between your receiver
and the nearest reference station could give you <1m positioning :D

I found a TSIP manual of another Trimble receiver, and it says the
receiver provides the raw measurements packet 0x6F by sending
the command packet 0x6E.

I'm using GAR2RNX to record the raw measurements from my eTrex,
but I cannot put an external antenna to it. The Lassen IQ evaluation
board with USB connection looks a nice alternative if I can get the
measurements from it.