ARM-USB-TINY shipped Windows USB drivers have wrong PID

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ARM-USB-TINY shipped Windows USB drivers have wrong PID

Postby jhoger » Wed Jul 18, 2007 5:48 pm

We got a ARM-USB-TINY board recently...

As I wasted half of my day figuring out, the Windows driver .inf and .ini files that come with the ARM-USB-TINY, and that come with OpenOCD downloads have a PID (ProductID) of 3 but they should be 4 for the Tiny board.

There are several places that this must be changed. However, once I got all those fixed both the jtag and serial driver installed.

[Still trying to get code download and debugging going to my SAM7-64. Problem at present is that examples seem to be targeted at the 256k device instead of the 64k.]

From Linux lsusb:

idVendor = 0x15ba
idProduct = 0x0004
iProduct = 'Olimex OpenOCD JTAG Tiny'

I didn't notice any threads that showed a resolution to this problem, so I'm posting a new thread.

-- John.
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Postby OLIMEX » Thu Jul 19, 2007 9:33 am

if you install the software which comes with the CD this is very unlickely to happend
the software on CD have descriptions for both ARM-USB-OCD and ARM-USB-TINY and windows will install the drivers without any "manual" work

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Ah, there are different versions of the driver on the CD

Postby jhoger » Thu Jul 19, 2007 10:19 am

OK, you're both right and wrong. Now I understand the problem,at least.

First, I tried latest YAGARTO from the web site. It has drivers but nothing specific for TINY.

That didn't work so in an act of desperation I tried the included CD. I don't have Autoload turned on so if the install depends on that to load the right installer, that wouldn't happen for me.

When I open explorer, I see

+--> anglia
+--> yagarto

So I popped open yagarto and tried to use the drivers within it. They have the wrong PID too.

I didn't even notice the OLIMEX-GCCFD-190207.exe till your post made me realize you might have a better installer there.

Anyway to whom it may concern: including broken out dependency packages like YAGARTO is great but make sure the base packages are up-to-date. Otherwise don't include them at all because it can cause a lot of grief.

Thanks very much for your reply,

-- John.
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