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By alembcke
I am trying to use the Sno M2 with the Input & Display carrier board. I can run GetXLR8Version just fine, as well as the Blink example. But when I try run the test sketch for the display I get nothing. I have made sure that I have all 3 of the required libraries installed and there are no errors when uploading the Example1_DisplayTest sketch to the Sno M2.

I noticed on the Input & Display Hookup Guide ... okup-guide that the Sno M2 is not shown under the "Required Materials" section. Does that mean it is not supported? Would it be possible to get the two working together, even if it is difficult?
Quick update, I just noticed this line at the top of the Input & Display Hookup Guide:
This nifty little board works with all SparkFun MicroMod processors...
I assume that includes the Sno M2, or does it not count as it is an FPGA and not a "processor?"
I quickly glanced at the schematics for the processor and carrier boards, and it looks like the screen should be accessible to the processor. It could be worth trying to find the pin definitions in the Arduino core library for the processor to check that they are all correct.

Have you tried accessing some of the other devices on the carrier board to check that they work with the example sketches?
I just tried the SparkFun MicroMod Button sketch, which reads whenever the buttons are pressed on the Input & Display carrier board. It worked perfectly, read every button press. So looks like the Sno M2 is communicating with the Input & Display carrier board just fine. It also looks like the screen works, the backlight is not, just blank.

My question really is if the HyperDisplay library is compatible with the Sno M2? If not, then I don't want to spin my wheels troubleshooting.
In the previous post I meant to say that the backlight is on, sorry for the typo.

Anyways, I tried the Adafruit ILI9341 library graphics test, as well as this MicroMod library, and both do give me output showing that there is communication between the screen and the Sno M2:
Code: Select all
ILI9341 Test on MicroMod Input and Display carrier board!
Display Power Mode: 0xFF
Pixel Format: 0xFF
Image Format: 0xFF
Self Diagnostic: 0xFF
Benchmark                Time (microseconds)
Screen fill              1303852
Text                     147332
Lines                    1199496
Horiz/Vert Lines         109820
Rectangles (outline)     72904
Rectangles (filled)      2707460
Circles (filled)         424272
Circles (outline)        511188
Triangles (outline)      265516
Triangles (filled)       1212032
Rounded rects (outline)  225924
Rounded rects (filled)   2735580
I also was able to get the LEDs to flash using the MicroMod library linked above. So at this point it looks like the screen is defective. I have contacted SparkFun to see what happens next.
So apparently the below being all 0xFF means that the SPI isn't working:
Code: Select all
Display Power Mode: 0xFF
Pixel Format: 0xFF
Image Format: 0xFF
Self Diagnostic: 0xFF
Some boards you have to do some soldering - I hope that isn't the case with this board. I have been looking at the board schematics and trying any pin that looks like it might work. I get the above when I use the pins labeled DISP_CS, DISP_D/C and DISP_RST; which are 10, 18 and 44, respectively. Otherwise I get 0x0 for everything and the test hangs.
It might work, if the pinmap ... OutMap.pdf (from here ... e-overview) can match the ones availed by the input board ... e-overview

Not all processors are suitable for all carrier boards, etc...let me know if the Sno doesn't end up suiting your use case
Just wanted to update this in case someone else has the same problem. There was an issue with the SPI pins being reversed in the FPGA softcore. This was fixed by Alorium Tech, so if you have this problem make sure in Arduino you update XLR8BuildTemplate, XLR8Core and the Alorium Family boards. And thank you to Alorium for getting this fixed.
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