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By BigGill
Hi, I'm not handy at all and need some help on what parts to order from here.

I am looking to pass an object with a RFID tag on the bottom over a RFID sensor/reader. When the object is over the sensor/reader I would like a 5 volt led light strip to go on ( light } and stay lit until the object is moved away from the sensor/reader. I would like it all to work on a house outlet for energy 110. If I can have that put together here and purchased that would even be better.

Thank you
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By YellowDog
Again, you're not going to find anything pre made here, just the parts to do it yourself.

Might be easier to use a reed switch as your sensor and a magnet on the device you want to activate the leds.

Sparkfun has Reed switches if you do a search. A Reed switch might not be able to handle the current yor leds need, if that's the case have the Reed switch turn on a relay and the relay can turn on the leds.
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