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By calocedrus
With the nrf52840 processor installed on the input and display board, I can run the blink example as well as the example2 of HyperDisplay Basics. But while the button example (found here ... no_Library) compiles fine, I get no response from pressing any of the buttons.

Upon opening a serial monitor I do get the Button connected! message so buttons are connected.
I've added the following information in the setup():
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-> 113 (this is the correct default 0x71 i2c address in SparkFun_MicroMod_Button.h)
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-> 1
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->173 (I suppose that's for a QWICC board with buttons?)
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But I get nothing from the buttons once in the loop().
Strangely enough I sometimes receive some:
Button UP pressed!
Button A released!
Button B released!
Button UP released!
Button DOWN released!
Button LEFT released!
Button UP pressed!
Button UP pressed!

without having pressed any button!
I've tried changing the baud rate (likely irrelevant here), re-instal the processor board, reset the board, but nothing helped.

What has to be done to get the button to response properly with this combination of the nrf51840 + the input and display board?
Or is my carrier board defective?

Note that I've also asked the question at the repo mentioned above and will update here or there, depending on where I get a reply from.

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