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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
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By ohararp
Just got the dip copernicus module in the mail and thouht I would test things out on the breadboard. I am using a cp2101 from dontronics to get usb power and serial connection to the pc. Seems no matter what I do I can't get any other data than:
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I had a similar problem when using the EM406 and was wondering if anyone else had experienced this problem.

Has anyone used the ... ts_id=8145 breakout board and gotten a gps fix? Any help would be appreciated.

By seulater
Ryan, that data looks like its not getting any GPS signal. is your antenna close to a window ?
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By ohararp

It just got cold hear in New England and I froze my arse off for about 30 minutes standing outside with the laptop when it was ~25 deg. Trying to get a lock. Suck.

Has anyone used the breakout board from SFE with this device? I am a little hesitant to just go and make a proto board but it looks like that is what I will have to do.
By seulater
I have looked at your photo and verified with the schematic that you wired it up correctly, i am assuming the resistor is tied high (cannot tell from photo).

just for kicks i would tie the SHORT pin (JP1-4) high and the OPEN pin(JP1-3) low to give the unit a normal condition instead of a "open" condition.

i know the data sheet says that you don't need to but what the heck, its something to try.

Also, is that antenna your using an active or passive antenna ?
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By ohararp
It's supposed to be an active antenna (got it from SFE). I will have a look at tying those pins to ground to see how things work.

On another note I just got a continuous runtime of 26.5 hours out of a 2400 mAh battery and a "3.3V" version of my data logger (5 s sampling rate). Much better than the previous 10 hour version at 1s sampling. If I use the Copernicus module I am expecting run times of 48 hours or more at 5 s samples.
By seulater
Make sure the Copernicus DIP Module is suplying power to the antenna jack. Stick a meter on the antenna jack and see if there is power there to confirm.
By seulater
P.S. your resistor is tied to Vcc right ?

As per the manual:

Exiting Standby Mode:
When the pin is taken high again, the receiver will warm restart and return to normal operation.

If all else you have on your to do list fails, make sure this pin is tied high and try putting a 0.1uf bypass cap to ground on this pin.
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By ohararp
The orange/upper rail is 3.3V from the regulator and the red/lower rail is tied to gnd.

I will add the .1uf cap (always good practice), another good catch.

Last night I did shorten the tx and rx lines to reduce "arials" and that didn't seem to help.
By seulater
Any better luck ?
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By ohararp
Copernicus module and V-Torch Active antenna work extremely well. Short active Antenna from SFE doe not work well with either the dev board or a breadboard and usb power.

Has anybody had a good experience with the ET-301? Input would be definitely appreciated!
By seulater
have you tried the geo-helix antenna on this module yet ?
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By ohararp
Jim, I tried this initally via a hacked up cable without any luck. I think it was my soldering job more than anything. I am gonna try things out with a few "test" boards here soon.
By BigRedBee

Did you come to any conclusions regarding antennas for the Copernicus module?

You said that the "Short active Antenna from SFE doe not work well " is this the one with the HFL connector? How did you attach the HFL connector to the DIP board with the SMA connector?

Also, is the antenna pictured above the 'V-Torch'? If so, did you shorten the coax on the antenna? Also, this antenna looks surprisingly similar to the HFL antenna -- did you rip the V-torch from it's magnetic base?

-- Greg