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By HossamMarzouk
Hello everybody,

I have an integration of OLA , sam gps and ADC and I want to use the BLE module to give commands to OLA. However, the Bluetooth is not visible and I can't turn on the BLE module neither from the Firmware 1.7 nor from my custom Firmware using Arduuno IDE. Please advice

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By PaulZC
Hello Hossam,
The OLA firmware does not currently support BLE. We do plan to upgrade the firmware to use v2 of the core (Mbed) and integrate BLE support, but we have not done that yet.
Very best wishes,
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By wanthalf
Hi, is there any perspective (ETA) on the support of Bluetooth? It would really increase the utility of the board significantly if it could send the logging data over Bluetooth and even more if it also could log and/or be controlled/configured from Bluetooth devices. I was expecting this functionality when buying the board. Thanks.
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By wanthalf
I can see there is some initial work done by @PaulZC last year in the BLE branch of the firmware repository. But just some initialisation. Is there any problem or why was it not just completed?
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By PaulZC
Hi Pavel (@wanthalf),

Thanks for your private message.

There are several reasons why we have not implemented BLE support on OLA, including: the extensive changes and restructuring of the OLA code required to add BLE support with Mbed; the level of effort required to implement those changes; new products - coming soon! - where it is _much_ easier to add support for both WiFi and Bluetooth serial port profile (SPP) connectivity.

It was our intention to add BLE support, and I'm sorry we have not done that, but here we are...

Best wishes - and apologies,
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