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By ipeerbhai
Howdy all,

I'm putzing around trying to use the artemis ATP for simple hobby servo control.
I've found this function in the SDK docs: am_hal_ctimer_config_single, and have gotten the blue LED blinking with an ISR.
( Thanks Example code ).

Problem is, the timer + ISR approach only gives me 100 to 187.5 "steps" between 1ms and 2ms pulse width, and I'd like more. I'm thinking at least 270, if not a thousand. If I use a high speed clock and fire the ISR often, I starve the CPU of everything but counting.

So, I'm guessing I need to use more than 1 timer, and direct connect the timer to a PWM output pin with Duty cycle.
Problem is, I don't really understand how to make this connection using the Apollo3 code, and can't just #include "servo.h".

Any example/pointers on how to figure out hobby servos with a resolution of at least 270 degrees in that pulse-on window?

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