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Topics pertaining to the Arduino Core & software used with the Artemis module and Artemis development boards.
Per the article "How to Set up the PDM to Achieve 48/16/44.1 KHz Audio Data", from the website, the following code will fine tune the Apollo 3 PDM to produce nearly exact PCM audio sampling rates of 48/16/44. 1 KHz:


_VAL2FLD(CLKGEN_HFADJ_HFXTADJ, 0x562) /* 45.1584 MHz */

The case statement comes from the function "uint32_t am_hal_clkgen_control(am_hal_clkgen_control_e eControl, void *pArgs)" that can be found in the file "am_hal_clkgen.c" from the ambiq sdk.

Will the referenced function work on the Redboard Artemis?

I have tried adding "#include <am_hal_clkgen_h>" and calling the function from within the Arduino IDE but it isn't recognizing the function and treats my call as an improper function definition. Is it possible to "#include" the am_hal_clkgen.h and gain access to the functions in am_hal_clkgen.c from within the Arduino IDE or do I need to use a different interface for this?
I was able to upload the command am_hal_clkgen_control(AM_HAL_CLKGEN_CONTROL_HFADJ_ENABLE, _VAL2FLD(CLKGEN_HEADJ_HFXTADJ, 0x5DC)) via the AmbiqSDK environment but I think it bricked my board. I can no longer upload anything even with the Arduino IDE. Even "Burn Bootloader" fails. Is there a way to reset the clock to its factory value?
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