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1, In the official routine simple_peripheral test, open the macro definition POWER_SAVING, directly enter the low power mode after power-on, the power consumption is 0.02ua, but can not wake up normally, can not wake up by turning on the timer, Util_constructclock(&periodicClock, SimpleBLEPeripheral_clockHandler, SBP_PERIODIC_EVT_PERIOD , 0, false, SBP_PERIODIC_EVT); Clock_start(periodicClock);
2, not applicable to POWER_SAVING, use
Power_setConstraint(PowerCC26XX_SB_DISALLOW); Power_releaseConstraint(PowerCC26XX_SB_DISALLOW);
The power consumption is reduced very well, the normal working power consumption is 6.45mA, and it is reduced to 6mA after use.
Bluetooth broadcast has been turned off before entering low power consumption
   Uint8_t advertEnabLED = FALSE; // Turn on Advertising
      GAPRole_SetParameter(GAPROLE_ADVERT_ENABLED, sizeof(uint8_t), &advertEnabled);//Off broadcast

Excuse me, how does CC2640F128RHBR achieve low power consumption and wake up?