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By Maddyjohn
Hey everyone,
I'm having a technical issue with my PS4 pro, It won't turn on anymore.

There was a power outage here a few weeks ago. My Playstation 4 was completely turned off and once the power was back on everything else seem to be doing just fine. I had to leave for travel so I didn't have a chance to check on the PS4 but i didn't expect any issues. I got back a few days ago and my PS4 won't turn on at all. Pressing the on button wont do anything. I've pulled the plug and tried a different socket but nothing seems to work.

I've called Sony for support, but since my ps4 is just one month out of warranty, they want me to pay 200 euros (!!!) for repairs.

Does anyone recognize this problem and has a possible fix? Maybe I'm missing or forgetting something!
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By TS-Mark
HI Maddyjohn,

These forums are primarily for discussing SparkFun Products. We'll leave the post up for now since it is in the "General Chit Chat" Forum but most likely it's not something anyone here will be able to help you with. I would recommend heading over to a Playstation-specific Forum for help here.
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By TS-Chris
We can't help you repair this, but it sounds like the power supply in your PS4 has failed. I've had the same thing happen to other hardware when there's a power surge during a power failure event.

If you're lucky, it's just a fuse but I don't think those are user replaceable on the PS4. You might see if you can find a local electronics repair shop that can take a look for you and if it's a simple fix, take care of it right there. Otherwise, you would probably need to send it back to Sony for repair. If you're able to attempt a repair, the videos below might be helpful.

Keep in mind there are dangerous voltages inside the power supply even when turned off and unplugged. If you attempt to repair the power supply rather than replacing it, you're doing so at your own risk.