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One Qwiic device missing from the SparkFun catalog is a mouse- and keyboard-emulator. That way, users could write sketches to send keystrokes, mouse clicks, and mouse movements to a computer.

The device could have two Qwiic and one USB connector. An Arduino-like processor would connect via the Qwiic chain, and the device's USB port would connect to the USB port of a computer via a cable. To the computer, the device would appear to be a USB keyboard and mouse combination. The device should implement the capabilities of the mouse and keyboard libraries.

The ability to connect via Bluetooth would be a bonus, but not a high priority, to me at least.

Yes, I know that with enough time and patience I could cobble together something to emulate a keyboard and mouse. But having a Qwiic device (with appropriate libraries) would save a lot of time and sanity.


Bill Horton
Hi Bill.

With the exception of Bluetooth, I think you'll find that the RedBoard Turbo will work nicely for what you're looking to do. ;-)

There's only a single Qwiic connector on the Turbo, but if you're connecting more Qwiic devices, each device has 2 connectors so you always have a free one.