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I cant get Tsunami to play files via midi keyboard please help? ( cant seem to find answers on forum or online.)
I have Oxygen 8 midi keyboard >midi keyboard Out> wired to pins 4&5 on Tsunami board. SDcard with default Tsnami INI file (i.e. Midi channel = omni) + Wav 16bit stereo files named "001.wav" up to "065.wav" (All on top level of card ).
When I load up and try playing keyboard no files are triggered (and tried playing all octaves).
- If I assign trigger inputs to the same audio files they play (so I know the file format is ok and audio output working on output 1&2).
- The firmware is updated to latest stereo version
- Tested Keyboard & midi cable it plays midi notes into my sound card.

Where am I going wrong?
I assume its a setting Ini file or wav file name?
Any help asap hugely appreciated as trying to make for a show on Monday (PS I'm not a Midi expert by any means).