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By 1dah
I recently purchased the subject kit and assembled it in accordance with your on line instructions and video. However, I used a Raspberry Pi 2B instead of the 3B. Your instructions say that I can use a 2.

I plugged the assembled kit into my TV. The TV seemed to recognize that something an HDMI cable was plugged in, but it displayed a blank screen and soon after reported that there was no signal on the HDMI port. The Pi 2B has a red and green LED light.

I am new to Raspberry Pi, so I may have made some novice mistake. I did insert the SD card that came with the kit. I assume the card has all the necessary data. I am using a 5V 2.5A power supply plugged into the microUSB socket.

Have I missed something? Does the 2B require a different SD card image?
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By TS-Mark
Hi 1dah,

The image that comes with the PiRetrocade works just fine with a Pi 2 so I am not sure what would be causing the problem here. Have you tried powering up the Pi with just a keyboard and HDMI connected? If not, try that and see if you can get the RetroPi image to load.

Also, have you tried using the Pi with just a standard OS? That would help confirm if the issue is with the RetroPi image on your SD card or if the problem is with the Pi itself.
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By 1dah
Thanks Mark for your input.

I began to do as you suggested. I downloaded and installed NOOBA Lite on an SD card, and went to insert the card into the 2B. At that time, I noticed that the game card that came with the PiRetroCade had been ejected, but still in the slot. Apparently, the card was pressed in by my actions to close the box. That ejected the card. I wish I can say that reinserting the card got everything working as expected. Sad to say, no.

I reinserted the card and powered up the device. I observed the attached screen. None of the buttons did anything. No sign of emulation software or any games. I expected to begin game play, but no joy.

What to do?

Please do not tell me to follow the directions at the bottom of your on line instructions to download roms. The instructions might as well be written in ancient Greek. The instructions create more questions than they answer:

- How does one download a ROM? A ROM is read only memory with embedded firmware. A ROM is hardware; not software that can be downloaded.

- Do I download whatever to me PC, and then copy it to a card? If so, then what are the chances it will run automatically when the card is booted in the Pi?

Can you send me a correctly loaded card, or provide detailed instructions about how to create a card?
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