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I purchased an EX8029 and it came with a sheet of paper for the eAP870 Camera Module instructing me how to access the user guide and eDepthPresence software from the FTP site.

The version available on the FTP site is 1.0.2 whereas the version on the Sparkfun YouTube video is Version 1.0.2 doesn't have options for collision warning, face tracking, or background removal. It does have check boxes for Color, Depth (RGB), Depth (Raw), and Hardware PostProc, but toggling them makes no change to the depth image. The IR value slider works, as well as changing and resetting the color pallet and saving the ZD table. The snapshot button does not work either.

I've looked at both the etron and eys3D websites and found no useful information. The only downloads I could find were on the FTP site.

How can I get a working copy of eDepthPresence with the full functionality that's available in v1.0.0.15? Also, where do I find API documentation so I can use the included dll's.

Hi Eric.

Sadly, only eYs3D has the software and we don't have a link to the older version. What you're going to need to do is request the older software from eYs3D on their contact form on their website. API information should be available at the same resource.
I've submitted a request on the contact form you linked to shortly after you replied to me. I still have not received any response from Etron. Currently that website appears to be down.

Here is the FTP site I was provided:
Going into the Technical support/eAP870 Series folder, there are only 2 files:

05/22/2019 06:10PM 13,745,898 eAP870
10/29/2018 10:05AM 914,121 eAP870 Series_Module_ User_Guide_V1.0.pdf

The zip file is the eDepthPresence software I described in my previous post, with only an EX8029 datasheet for documentation. This document has no information on using the dll's

The eAP Series_Module_User_Guide is the same document on your website.

I even went so far as to download the software in the ONLY other folder accessible on the FTP site which was for the eAP876. To no surprise, this was no help.

From the youtube video, clearly you guys have used a working version of the software. Without the software or API document, this device is useless to me. Given the $179 price, it's not much to ask for ANY information on how to use this.

If Sparkfun cannot provide any tools or information on how to use this, or at least a proper link to this, please direct me to somebody who can process my RMA, as I have no need for a $179 paperweight. I'd also suggest that you remove this product offering until you can remedy this.

Hi Eric.

I wish we had a better answer for you on the software, but we're at the mercy of Etron as far as software and API goes. Sadly, we don't have a copy of the older software available.

If you post a RMA request on this page and include the URL to this forum thread, we can help you out.