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By Jacob.Friday
Hey all,

Maybe a year ago, I saw a SIK - Labview edition on sale that came with a labview copy. I meant to purchase it, then a week later it was discontinued. I guess the contract with them ran out or something. Since then, I purchased a basic SIK and a student edition of labview for personal use, hoping I could use the SIK as a sandbox for labview projects to teach myself.

Does labview work well with the Sparkfun Arduino Redboard V3.2, or did I make a mistake in ordering that version?

Thanks for the help in advance!
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By TS-Chris
The version of SIK (or RedBoard) shouldn't matter to Labview. If I recall correctly, all Labview was looking for was a response from the RedBoard from the firmware Labview has you load onto the board. I've never used Labview with Arduino so I can't help with the firmware but you should be OK with the V3.2 kit.