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I have been a professional embedded software engineer for a few decades, but we don't get to select the hardware and generally have no understanding of it, beyond the interface to a device derive or bus.

Now I would like to start a few hobby projects, with long term view to doing something commercial.

I am interested in tracking, both people and inventory - people first. I have experience using active RFID, but that is expensive, both the tags and the reader.

For tracking people, I am thinking of BlueTooth (LE), maybe sending an advertising packet every 60 seconds, saying "here i am, please locate me". I need a minimum 12 hours rechargeable battery life in some kind of wearable (my cheap Xioami 3 fitness band gets a few weeks on a charge, so that should be no problem).

Would I be correct in thinking that an ESP32 would fit the bill, or is there something better? For tracking inventory, I have no idea; perhaps the same?

Sorry if this is rather long. I have two questions, which device to use for development, and which for production?

For development, I can see that a small display would be useful; I also need to be able to power it from battery occasionally, so hopefully you have a kit that doesn't involve soldering:-)

For production, I am unsure. Obviously, it needs a rechargeable battery,for use as a wearable. I can see the use of a display, monochrome, just to send some text to the device, as would something to vibrate to get the user's attention, but not if those would be significantly decremental to battery life, although I would probably have the device in sleep mode, occasionally polling server and if there is anything to display, vibrating, then displaying for a minute or two, before going back to sleep.

What can you recommend?

Thank you very much in advance for your help.