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By evanlavin
I'd like to connect a soil moisture sensor to a diaphragm irrigation valve such that the sensor actuates the valve when the moisture level drops below a user-defined threshold. The valve is equipped with a solenoid for actuation. The moisture sensor should be solar-powered, but the valve doesn't have to be. The sensor and the solenoid should communicate wirelessly.

Initially, I only want to control one valve. Eventually I'd like to control two dozen valves or so. On a long enough timeline, the system would be controlled by a phone and could receive input from other sensors (temperature, pressure, humidity, etc).

Locating the sensor on the website is easy enough. However, can you please help me determine the most optimal models of other hardware that I would need (boards, solar panels, battery backup, etc.)?

Thank you!
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By TS-Mark
Hi evanlavin,

To get started with this project, I would recommend taking a look at our guides for the . Specifically, the [url=]Optional Peripherals section goes over using the Soil Moisture Sensor with this shield and a Particle Photon. The Particle Docs page will help you familiarize yourself with the Photon and the Particle IDE.

The Photon Weather Shield has some optional power options to add in a battery or solar power source. The SparkFun Sunny Buddy will help to efficiently charge an attached battery to keep the project powered up.

On the solenoid end of the circuit, you would need another Photon or other WiFi-connected microcontroller to listen to the sensor data and then trigger a relay to power the solenoid since the digital output of a microcontroller would most likely not be able to power a solenoid on its own. We have quite a few different relays available in our relay category if you want to look through that.

I hope this helps you get started with this project. Let us know if you have any follow-up questions about these or another of our products and we would be happy to help as much as we can.