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I want to change the Op Amp on the BOB-14874 and use +/-12Vdc power rails.
I need to know the voltage ratings on the capacitors used across the power rails -- C1, C2, C3 and C10 -- to see if they will support this voltage or if I need to change them.
Hi Scotto. Thanks for your post!

The 0.1uF caps (C2,C10) are rated for 25 volts.
The 1.0uF caps (C6, C7,C8,C9) are rated for 16 volts.
And the 10uF caps (C1,C3) are rated for 16 volts.

You will definitely want to change out C1 and C3 as those are tantalum caps and they will do ugly things if you over volt them. You might consider changing C2 and C10 since you will be operating them very close to their maximum rating but you might get lucky and they won't blow.
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