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Hey all~
My goal is to relay weather data via the SAMD21Pro RF to an ESP32 Lora 1.CH Gateway. The variables I really need are wind direction, temperature, and wind/ gust speed.

So far I have finally got the board definitions working to upload the "blink" code properly to the SAMD21Pro RF, and I also have the weather shield working on a Redboard.

However, I can't seem to get the Weather Shield example code to work on the SAMD21Pro RF. I am lost as to which pins on the weather shield are absolutely necessary.

Any help on this would be so greatly appreciated.
Hi partsoven,

Getting Wind Speed and temperature from this shield on a SAMD21 Pro RF should be fairly simple. The tricky part is going to be getting the Wind Direction as that relies on a voltage divider circuit set for a 5V system and the Pro RF runs at 3.3V. You can probably adjust that voltage divider to 3.3V by connecting the 5V pin on the Weather Shield to a 3.3V pin on the Pro RF and adjust the code so those values work on a 3.3V ADC. The ESP32 Weather Shield ( would be a good place to check to get started on writing the appropriate code for the Wind Direction as that is also set up for a 3.3V ADC.

The other two variables, Wind Speed and Temperature should be easy to adapt to the Pro RF as Wind Speed is just a digital signal that is connected to D3 and the temperature data from the Si7021 is sent via I2C. For Wind Speed, just route that pin to any available digital I/O pin on the Pro RF and adjust your code accordingly and that should do it. You might need to tweak the code but from a quick glance, there's nothing that I can see that would work on an Uno and not on the SAMD21 Pro RF.

The Si7021 and MPL3115A2 are both connected to the I2C pins on the Weather Shield so you can run SDA and SCL (and probably 3.3V and GND just to be sure) to the Qwiic connector on the Pro RF using something like this breadboard adapter cable ( The code for using these was written for an AVR-based system so you might need to adjust the code to work on the Pro RF but they should work just fine with the right connections.

I hope this helps get you pointed in the right direction for porting the Weather Shield over to the Pro RF. Let us know if you have any other issues or questions and we'd be happy to help as much as we can.