Really Old Servos

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Really Old Servos

Post by Skippy2019 » Mon Jan 07, 2019 9:22 pm

I have 3 really old servos from an Airtronic Vanguard FM radio system from the late 80's (maybe early 90's), brand new and never used, that I would like to hook up to an Arduino for a project...
Does anyone know if they work the same way as the "modern" ones, ie Power / Ground / Signal on the 3 (black) wires? I don't want to smoke my Arduino Uno on my very first "official" project... :o


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Re: Really Old Servos

Post by ammckenzie » Mon Jan 21, 2019 2:47 pm

I've got some Futaba servos from that era and they work in the same way as anything I've ever purchased.

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