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By davesteb
Hi there,

I’ve bought one of your lovely robertsonics wav trigger circuits hoping to replace an akai sampler in my rig. I’ve built a midi – ttl board as directed in the tutorial and it’s nearly working as I’d hoped. The note firing side of it seems to be fine, but I’m not sure about naming the files so that it uses the correct midi channel.

I note that a new facility in the latest wavtrgr software allows the user to set the midi channel or leave it at omni.
Does this mean that setting the midi channel for each track by adjusting the file name no longer works? I really need that.

Can I use an older software version so that I can set the midi channel by editing the filename? If so which one?

Would I need to install an older firmware version to the wavtrigger board?

I love the “ignore note-off” facility btw, perfect for firing “one-shot” samples. Will I lose this facility if I roll back to a previous version?

I guess I could get round it using midi-ox somehow. Making this per-track would be a good step forward.

Anyway, one final query, I’m not exactly sure how to specify the midi channel by changing the filename in any case. The user guide advises that…

Track Number = (MIDI Channel * 128) + (MIDI Bank Number * 128) + MIDI Note Number.

Does the * mean multiply? E.g. channel 1 = (1 x 128) = 128, all the way up to channel 16 = (16 x 128) = 2048

So for a note B0 on channel 4, Bank 1 would look like


Thanks for your help.

Dave, Falkirk, UK
By davesteb
So the penny dropped this afternoon. + means "add mathematically", as in "sum", not "append", d'oh.
And yes, the latest version allows midi channel selection by doing the sums properly as well as defeating the note-off.
Leaving this here partly as penance, but also in case there are any other dolts out there....