BNO080 - Example1-RotationVector.ino Problem

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BNO080 - Example1-RotationVector.ino Problem

Post by da40flyer » Sat Dec 08, 2018 10:47 am

I am using the BNO080 breakout along with the "SparkFun_BNO080_Arduino_Library.h" library. I have it hooked up through SPI.
I run the included "Example1-RotationVector" SPI version of the sketch from the library and the quaternion values spit out correctly on the serial monitor as expected.

Next, I add a simple delay(1000); in the loop after the Serial.println(); and the quaternion values that are spit out to the serial monitor are now all zeros.

I've gone back and forth testing with and without the simple delay, and it is repeatable.

If I use a delay(100); it appears to work fine
if I use a delay(500); nothing is sent to serial monitor
if I use a delay(1000); it sends zeros to serial monitor every second
If I remove the delay; all works fine.

Ideas on why?

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