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By Nishanthz
I am using Quectel L86 GPS Module, I am facing following problems:-
1. GPS Satellite Fix takes more time or sometimes not at all fixing. (Even using external chip Antenna problem exists)
2. Which of these following satellites, I need to enable:- (All I need to enable or according to my location I need to turn ON/OFF)
* GALILEO_Enable
* GLONASS_Enable
* GPS_Enable
3. Even in 12-15 Satellites View also.... The GPS not giving same location repeatedly..It is giving different lat&log every 2-3 minutes....
4. When wanted to use HOT,WARM,COLD Starts.
5. After these Starts, Even though I didn't get satellite connectivity. How long, I need to wait to resend these Start commands.

By Nishanthz
I am at outside, but GPS Chip antenna is inside the Plastic box. It takes 30 Minutes time to connect or sometimes not at all connecting...