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By modjo
Hi all. I have buy a variable load kit last month. It work fine but it seem it use the last version of firmware (see the note in introduction ... 1537445490) i have only 3 values printed on serial consol. I would like to update to the new version. For that i have followed your tutorial (dowloaded PSoC Creator v4.2 and your source on git hub). The application (boot and variable load) build fine but in my card i didn't have the bootloader. To update my card i connected a jlink to the swd on the card and export the project to IAR (To use jlink to program the micro). This worked i can load bootloader and application to the card but the application not working ... UART ok but nothing appear! Sparkfun can you post the 2 firmwares (boot/app) bin please. Can you also indicate the good address in flash for boot loader and application, in this way i can use jlink utilities to load the card