best audio player for project

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best audio player for project

Post by remork » Sat Sep 15, 2018 1:30 am

hi there

first time poster from belgium here.

i've been asked to help out with an art installation that requires three loops to play continuously.
my main concern is that, in case of a power failure and re-up, i need the audio to start playing on powerup without any human interaction.
so no 'press button to start'.

all three files should be on their own players (they are a huge distance apart.)
footprint is an issue, so the smaller and more self-contained it can be, the better. i don't want to start messing with an extra arduino each, for example.

i know i can make the play-on-power-up happen with the WavTrigger or the Tsunami, but since they only need to play a single file each (and cost is an issue, have to buy three), that seems like overkill.
i was looking at the Little Soundie/Papa Soundie, but they appear to need the button to be pressed.
so, question:
is there a way to get around this limitation (e.g. by programming the papa soundie?), and are they able to play a short loop continuously?
or do i just get three wavtriggers and get it over with?

any bright ideas are very welcome :)

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