Pocket Geiger Radiation Sensor - Type 5

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Pocket Geiger Radiation Sensor - Type 5

Post by audiguy » Fri Sep 14, 2018 5:32 pm

Hello, I am a student at West Virginia University, and I am currently involved in a group that is designing a payload to be put aboard NASA's RockSat-C sounding rocket next year. A part of the mission of our payload is to measure radiation levels in the atmosphere, and as part of preliminary research, my team will be ordering the Pocket Geiger Radiation Sensor - Type 5 to run tests and experiment with data collection and such. The project leader has asked that we come up with an assessment of the data storage requirements of all our devices, but I cannot seem to find any information about this on the web page for the product or any other sites for that matter. I was hoping someone on this forum had some experience with the device and could tell me the following:

- update frequency of the device
- number of bytes per update

Numbers can be approximate, of course, but I need to get an idea so I can see if our communication bandwidth will be sufficient! Thanks!

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Re: Pocket Geiger Radiation Sensor - Type 5

Post by jremington » Sat Sep 15, 2018 8:46 am

The sensor does no data processing. It simply sends a signal when an event occurs, i.e. a gamma photon has been captured.

What types of radiation do you want to detect? This sensor is very limited and is most sensitive to low energy gamma photons (usually called X-rays).

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