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By LearningIsFun
I had some demo Easy Stepper code that could turn my stepper, and it is all hooked up correctly, but when I use my own code for full steps, I realized that they are 1/8 steps. How do I get full steps on an easy stepper? Low and Low on MS1 and MS2 says full, but they mean full micro steps, is there a way to get full steps on the motor, as the micro steps just cause a high pitched noise, and does not turn the stepper. I am new to this, so please be specific if you give me help, it will limit the amount of follow-up questions.

By Valen
The easydriver has a coil current limit potentiometer. There might be too much friction for the motor to turn and might require more current to move. Don't increase the current to beyond what the steppermotor is rated for.

Also the motor needs to have time to move. So the stepping clock rate should not be too high.

But what makes you think a full step is really a micro step? Can you back that up with numbers? And explaining which motor and code you use.