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By hsieber
Hi, new member. I am trying to integrate the ESP8266 (WRL-13678) into an existing embedded logging product so as to add WIFI. If possible I would prefer to use AT commands via the ttl serial interface, and use the module 'off the shelf' without any programming. When I hook up the unit I have via a ttl-to-rs232 module, connect it to a pc-based terminal emulator, and power up, all of the text appears to be in Korean alphabet. Looks like a sign-on with some text, and then it does respond to serial input (AT<CR><LF>), but only in Korean. So is there a way to coerce it into English, or do I need to bite the bullet and program in the AT command set handler? Note to other new users- the RESET line has no pullup, must be tied high to operate!
By paulvha
Might the "Korean" be the fact that you have the wrong baudrate on terminal emulator? E.g. 115200 instead of 9600 or the other way around ? or maybe you do not have 8bit, 1 stop and NO parity?
By hsieber
Apologies, please disregard previous post. This turned out to be a terminal emulator problem. We can add TeraTerm to the terminal emulators that do not work well with 8266. Hyperterm works fine. AT commands seem to work as specified (so far). I am new to WiFi, not sure if I can actually transmit data using only AT commands, more reading and experimentation to do. I have looked at Neil Kolban's excellent e-book, but like almost all of the tutorials and articles, it seems to focus on how to re-flash the module with your own code, which I am trying to avoid if possible.

Thanks paulvha for the suggestion, but the characters were not garbled as you would see with wrong line settings, but actual Korean characters, which I didn't even know were in my PCs fonts. Weird that TeraTerm would display in Korean, never have seen that before.