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By hsadeghilam
I bought ESP8266 Thing, MLX90614 evaluation board, and FTDI board and I'm trying to send IR thermometer data through Wifi. I followed the instructions on the website and I was able to get temperature reading when I use MLX90614 evaluation board with FTDI. But I'm not able to print IR reading on serial monitor when I have MLX90614 evaluation board connected to ESP8266 and following similar procedure.

Then I bought the MLX90614 sensor only (no eval board) and followed the instruction on the website. When I connect it to Arduino Mega2560 it works, but when I do the same thing with ESP8266 Thing it does not! Per instructions I’m using SDA and SLA pins on both boards. I'm using the example sketch MLX90614_Serial_Demo.ino included in the library.

Any suggestions is highly appreciated!