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By tonyr
Good morning/ Afternoon

I am working on a project with my son which requires measurement of an object relative to face of a camera sensor . I need to measure the following

1. Distance camera sensor to object ( Must be between 3-4cm)
2. Object must be parallel to face of camera sensor ( the camera sensor is not static , it is being held by an individual )

I'm thinking best solution may be ZX Distance and Gesture Sensor, however I'm not sure this will give me "if parallel" answer

Any help in a possible solution would be grateful

By jremington
Describe object.

For an arbitrary object, how do you define "parallel to face of camera sensor"?
By tonyr
The object is a palm of a hand.

I guess Im looking for a device/ sensor that measures angle that object is relative to sensor device , to an

I know there are many sensors that will provide distance to an object , I'm looking for a sensor to return the angle object is to measuring sensor

In my case, the object is the palm of a hand

Hope this helps and thanks for response
By jremington
Assuming that the palm is held flat, two or more distance measurements and some geometry can be used to determine the angles involved.

Non-scanning distance sensors return only one measurement at a time, so you would have to use several pointing in different directions, or figure out how to aim one.