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By PilotinControl

I am not sure where to post this so I will go ahead and post it here. I am using a qre1113 breakout board from sparkfun...however my question is about the qre1113 in general. How do I get more sensitivity range out of this detector? I need a 5-7mm or 1-2cm high and if on a pcb board needs to be no more than 1cm wide. Do any of these sensors exist or do I have to make one with smd components or can the qre1113 sparkfun breakout board be modified to accomplish what I need? Thanks for the help - Scott
By Valen
Curtains? No seriously, occlude ambient lighting around the sensor area. Only the led should shine on the line detection area.

Another way might be to pulse the led and correlate the changes in phototransistor output voltage with it.

[edit] additionally you can replace the resistor between Vcc and Out with a higher one. But that might require reducing sampling rate (increase sampling time) on an Arduino-ADC. (it is hardcoded in AnalogRead iirc)