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By MatthewGirard
Hi Everyone,

I'm going to preface that I'm completely new at this, and I am in over my head.

My project is:

Looped playback of 3 synced mono audio files, out independent outputs, using a Tsunami Super Wav Trigger. It is going to be installed in an art gallery, so it needs to be able to power up and start playback either upon power up OR with a 1 button trigger.

I haven't been able to correctly get the code from the tsunami.ini file to play the files properly, never mind the trigger.

Did I also mention I'm under a crazy strict deadline??

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
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By robertsonics
I haven't done this exact thing, and I don't have a unit here to confirm, but here are a couple of ways to try:

First, number your 3 mono tracks 1 through 3 (filenames 0001... through 0003...) Make sure the Tsunami Configurator app is set for Mono Mode.

To activate with a button on Trigger 1, modify Trigger 1 settings as follows:

Function = Synced Pair (This should be named "Sync Set")
Loop = True (checked)
Track Range = 1, 3
Mono Output = 1

Add, Save. When you activate Trigger 1, tracks 1 through 3 should play on outputs 1 through 3 and loop.

You can try to make this automatic on power up by changing Trigger 1 type to Level and setting Invert = True. This will cause Trigger 1 to be active on power up and it will play the tracks continuously, although I'm not sure about them staying in sync. The other option is to set the Type to Latch and Invert = True, but I see that the Loop option is disabled for this. I'll have to look into why this is.

In the meantime try the above.
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By robertsonics
I just posted a v1.03 update for the Tsunami firmware that properly initializes inverted triggers. This means that if you set a trigger type to "Edge" and check the "Invert" box, then that trigger will activate on reset or power-up without anything connected to it. If you also set the "Loop" option, then the track (or tracks, if using the "Synced Set" function) will start automatically on power up and loop forever (unless stopped by another trigger) without the need to jumper a trigger input.

When using the "Synced Set" and "Loop" options, the tracks will start and stay in sample-sync indefinitely.