OpenScale very slow

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OpenScale very slow

Post by Joram » Wed Oct 04, 2017 3:42 am

For some weeks I had the OpenScale in a test where a ESP would transfer the values from to a website. That was working fine and I was going to update the ESP firmware, I also wanted to make some tweaks on the OpenScale firmware and did some programming. The board is currently on my desk with 4 load sensors connected to it. The serial port was not working correctly anymore so I tried to start with the original firmware from github again, but since then I cannot get it to work properly anymore.

I have the idea that something(HX711 or the Atmega) is responding realy slow and not always the same speed. When i start the board it calculates the minimum time between reports, here are some results:
Minimum time between reports: 3140
Minimum time between reports: 1505
Minimum time between reports: 836
Minimum time between reports: 1168
Also if I use the example from the HX711 library sometimes a single reading takes 10 seconds.

What could be the cause of this slow response?

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