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By dagnabitboy
Howdy All!! I've been developing a bluetooth product (started with module from Sparkfun). I've learned that I'm supposed to register with and pay various fees. And I must be a corporation, LLC for example. Can't be a simple sole proprietorship. Does anyone have experience with this? And a question to Sparkfun if anyone who works there reads this, did you guys have to pay a fee for every bluetooth module you sell? Thanks!
By dagnabitboy
Update: I contacted the Bluetooth Alliance, took some time but got my answer: You must be a legal entity to register, for example an LLC, registered partnership, or a Corp. You MUST register if you want to use the word Bluetooth in commerce, or use the Bluetooth trademark (symbol). If you use a Bluetooth module, even if it's already registered with them, such as all the Microchip modules, and you use it in your product you must pay a Declaration fee. First two are $2500 each. After that the price goes up to $4000. If the module uses GATT it's another $100 on top. Just thought y'all would like to know!!
By dagnabitboy
I agree. Perhaps I didn't state everything clearly, sorry. I was indeed referring to the Adopter Level, which as you say, is free, although individuals can't join. Joining gives you a license to use their trademark/logo. But, if you want to sell your own product you must feed their cash cow. You can, as a distributor or reseller, sell someone else's registered bluetooth product without issue and without registering. But, if I take an already registered Microchip RN42 for example, stick it inside a box and add a PIC or some other micro, and call it the Blue Thingy, I have to pay the man!
By Nat_Vanish79
Is this true for US only?
I guess in the UK the fees are not as high but I need to check